Training Plans

If you are interested in investing in a personal training plan, I would love to work with you to reach your running goals. I coach runners of all abilities and ages either virtually or, in person (depending on location).

What is a training plan? – An individualized packet of running specific workouts that are intentionally created with your racing goals in mind.

Why should I invest in a plan? – An individualized training plan will help you reach your goals faster because it is designed just for you! No one else can copy your training and reap the same benefits. Working with me will allow you be accountable, try new things, and reach new personal records in your running journey.

How much does a training plan cost? – A training plan can range from $30 to $100 depending on the length of the plan. The minimum training plan that I make is three months and the maximum is six months or longer. When you reach out to me about a plan, we will discuss the training time-frame and prices.

How do I pursue a plan? – If you are interested in a training plan, please email me at: and share what your goals are!