Summer Training

Summertime is quickly approaching and with it many hot, humid days here in Western Pennsylvania. Peaking in the spring makes for a great off-season in the summer. I will be honest: I don’t necessarily like running in the summer. Sure, I will still run to work, early in the morning but, those mid-day runs are… Continue reading Summer Training


The PGH Half: my cool-down after Boston

I assumed that my recovery after running Boston (my second marathon) would be similar to how I felt after running my first marathon: sore for days, struggling down stairs, crazy hip soreness for weeks, etc. I really did take a long time to recover a year ago. I think that my body has physically grown a lot in… Continue reading The PGH Half: my cool-down after Boston

Only One Boston

The months leading up to the Boston Marathon were some of the best training cycles I have ever had. It all started in March of 2016 when I ran the Myrtle Beach Marathon (MBM) with my college teammates Megan and Jamie. I have to start this post with a shout-out to Meg and Jamie because… Continue reading Only One Boston

Volume v.s. Intensity

When people hear that I am training for a marathon they want to know what my weekly mileage is at. Never does anyone (other than my nerdy boss) ask me about my intensity during my runs. Let's take a minute to define volume and intensity. Volume is the product of duration and frequency. In training… Continue reading Volume v.s. Intensity

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretches are those in which the body is moving through a series of motions that are associated with the activity to come. As runners, we should be doing dynamic stretches to activate the glute, loosen the hips, engage the core, propel the hamstring, etc. For a long time, people only performed static stretching. How… Continue reading Dynamic Stretching