Hi! My name is Annette and running has transformed my life. The physical act of running has led me down a highway of opportunities and experience that I never thought possible for myself. I have been running competitively for the past twelve years and in those twelve years, I have learned more about myself and the world around me than any classroom, sanctuary, or friend group has ever taught me. Running does not replace these things in my life – it enhances them. The goal of my blog is to share my passion for running and to encourage you in your own pursuits by educating and motivating you. Writing is an outlet for me, similar to that of running. I am here to share my journey as well as my knowledge and to connect with the running community. Running doesn’t have to change your life but if you open yourself to the possibility of it, it certainly has the potential to.
My name is Annette. I am passionate about running, the city of Pittsburgh, and helping people reach their fitness goals. You will find me personal training at the YMCA, writing running plans, studying for a masters in healthcare informatics, and exploring the city of  Pittsburgh. Do not hesitate to reach out!
Happy running,
❤ A
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