The Right Way

“Just because the end result is what you want, doesn’t mean you are doing it right.”

I recently heard this very sentence at one of my favorite bars in town (if you guys follow my Instagram, you know what bar I am talking about). While the context of this statement was regarding coffee and cocktail making, I could not help but think that it is true for athletic endeavors as well.

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It can be very easy to get on a mindset that convinces us to believe that just because we ran our personal best times and did not get injured, that we are doing this “running thing” right. Sure, you probably did some things right. But, the bottom line is that you can always make improvements. So, how do you balance believing in yourself and all that you are doing, while keeping an open mind and challenging yourself at the same time?

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The answer is: ASK QUESTIONS.

Yes, ask questions, seek guidance and mentorship, read books, spend time with people who train differently than you. Being curious does not mean that you are going to try everything in the book. It simply means that you are keeping your mind open to the idea that what works for others may or may not work for you. It is also a great way to put your thinking skills to work and, to learn more about the sport of running (or, any sport).

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The beauty of running is that there is no one way to train and race. This is due to the fact that everyone’s goals are different when it comes to running. You need to find a plan that works for your goals. There is only one proper way to make a cappuccino…and there is only one proper way to train for a race and that is, to train smart.

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I know runners who lift a lot of weight and others who don’t lift at all. I know successful runners who have never run over 100 miles in their life and others who do it every week. The list goes on and on. The point is: do whatever you are doing with a purpose. Have a reason why and, do it safely. This is the right way to train. And, if you are unsure, ask questions! Even I am still learning about this amazing sport (and, I have been running for 13 years!).

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When I order my Manhattan (on a rock (yes, one), with Bulleit whiskey and, two cherries), I have expectations for how it should look and taste.

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The next time I run a doubles workout, I have expectations for how it should and should not feel. If something does not feel right or, you are unsure about doing it, seel the guidance of a coach, more experienced runners, etc. We are never alone in this sport of running.

Happy Running,

❤ A

P.S. I am getting pretty excited for my celebratory Manhattan after the Vancouver Half! 🙂


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