May Goals

I feel like May is Springs way of saying, “let’s party”. With cold weather (hopefully) a thing of the past, pools opening, and Memorial Day shenanigans, there is no better way to anticipate summertime than with the month of May. Like any month though, it comes with hard work. This month, I have some fun and some serious goals:

  1. Have fun in Vancouver and, meet one out of three of my race goals for the Vancouver Half Marathon.
    1. Run a PR (1:26:49 or, faster)
    2. Run a consistent pace of 6:40 or under
    3. Place in the top 10 of my age group (25-29)
  2. Assimilate myself into a new job.
    1. I have done this before in the midst of training and I know how rough it can be. I want to give myself more grace this time around and, really allow myself to settle into the chaos and find the best run/work/life schedule for me.
  3. Enjoy racing two 5k’s under moderate training for the rest of the month. May will be my last month of self-training. Yes, I have decided to pursue a coach! More on that, later. 🙂

Image result for quotes about the month of may

What are your goals this month?

Happy Running,

❤ A



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