April Recap

April seemed to be the endless month. Sometimes, I feel like I am so busy that time flies. Other days, it seems like I am looking forward to so many things, that time will not go any faster. April was full of both adventure and anticipation for me. Here is how my goals panned out:

  • Successfully race the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. 
    1. You may be thinking, but, Annette. How will you define success?
    2. Here are my top three goals that I would be happy with at the end of the race:
      1. Run a personal best for the distance (under 1:05).
      2. Place within the top 50 of my age group (this is a competitive race!)
      3. Run a strategic race, under 1:06

Okay, so this one felt like a bust. I did not run a PR in Washington D.C. I did, however, attempt to run a strategic race and I did place in the top 50 (34th) of my age group! As much as I wanted a PR in the 10-mile distance, today was just not my day. And, that is okay. :)Read my Cherry Blossom recap, here.


  • Successfully race the “Stomp the Swamp” half marathon with Megan. 
    1. But, Annette. How will you define success?
    2. Here are my top three goals for the race in Virginia:
      1. Run a personal best for the distance (under 1:34)
      2. Place in the top five of my age group.
      3. Maintain a pace under 6:55 for the majority of the race.

You know that feeling you get where everything seems to be falling into place? That is how I felt at the Stomp the Swamp Half! I did run a personal best (1:26!!!!), I placed 5th overall and, I maintained a pace greater than 6:55! Megan and I had a great trip! Read about the race weekend, here!


  • Build up training intensity for the Vancouver half marathon in the following order: race Virginia, light week of training, build up in mileage, peak week, taper, race Vancouver. Woo-hoo!!! So stoked!

I do feel very confident about my training leading up to the Vancouver Half Marathon. I am stoked to be traveling and, it will be fun to race another half after running a PR a few weeks ago! I am healthy and happily tapering!


Are you setting goals for yourself? I write mine out on the blog and in my planner each month. I look at them daily. Stay tuned for my May goals!

Happy Running,

❤ A


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