RunVan: week 16

The week after my first half of this season went as expected: a little sleepy, a little sore, and always hungry for better training and racing. Going into a week leading up to another race weekend, I ended up having some great training sessions!

Monday: 5 miles easy in the morning, followed by injury prevention and 5 miles in the evening, followed by core work. I had the day off to watch the Boston Marathon!



Tuesday: 1) 3 miles on my own, at 6:58 pace. I did this on the treadmill because it got cold again in Pittsburgh. 😦 Winter will never end.

Strength Training and core on my own.

2) 3×1 mile repeats with Megan. Oh my gosh, it was windy and freezing for this workout. I swear we got to the trail where we were planning to run and, it started snowing right then. haha, we pretended like we were in Boston and ran our hearts out. My repeats were faster than when I did this workout two months ago so, I am happy with that! Megan finally broke into the 6’s for her miles so she was stoked! Training pays off, people!



It’s freezing in Pittsburgh!


I don’t know about this….


We did it and we feel like champs! 


Wednesday: 5 miles after work

Thursday: 1) 5 miles before work

Strength Training with Megan

2) 30 minutes easy at 8:22 pace because we were feeling sluggish! (4-ish miles)





Friday: 3 miles easy, with striders and drills.

Saturday: 5k race (review to come!)


Sunday: 2 miles at a high school track, followed by drills and stretching to shake out my legs after the race.


My total mileage this week was 36 miles! I am going into the last two weeks of training feeling really strong and excited.

Happy Running,

❤ A



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