Summer Training

Summertime is quickly approaching and with it many hot, humid days here in Western Pennsylvania. Peaking in the spring makes for a great off-season in the summer. I will be honest: I don’t necessarily like running in the summer. Sure, I will still run to work, early in the morning but, those mid-day runs are not necessarily ones that I enjoy. That makes for summer being a perfect season to do other activities that I don’t do in the colder months when more of my time is dedicated to training. Some of my favorite summer activities include: anything that has to do with water, biking, and regular yoga class. I am also really excited to take some time to explore more of Pittsburgh this summer. Sure, I have seen a lot on my runs but, I am looking forward to strolling through new neighborhoods and adventuring in new shops and restaurants.

As for training: June to August is the time that I take to create a base for my fall races. I enjoy getting back into strength training taking some classes that focus on form and technique. I will also get a gait analysis done in these months and take the time to work on the little things. Having a strong base is important for walking into the season injury free and ready to increase training. In the summer, I will run no more than 40 miles a week. It feels minimal but just enough to stay in shape and not get burned out.

What are your plans for the summer?

Happy Running,

❤ A




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