Heat Acclimation

Yes, it is true that your body can acclimate to the heat like it acclimates to altitude. For runners, becoming efficient during summer training can be rough. I have found that running in a climate that has all four seasons has helped me adapt to conditions better and become mentally resilient to changes in the …

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Advantages of Running in the Heat

Are there really advantages to running in the heat? Summer training can be brutal and it can be hard to get out the door on a blistering hot day. All hard things come with rewards, though. And, your body really does acclimate to the heat, just like it acclimates to the cold or, to altitude. …

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June Goals

June presents joys and challenges all on its own. The most exciting thing about June this year is that I get to start marathon training! If you follow the blog, you know that this will be the first month that I will begin training under a coach. I am looking forward to shaking things up …

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