RunVan: week 2

{1-minute read} This week was so exciting because I GOT TO RUN! Check out my first experience using the AlterG treadmill, here. Week two of training felt so good! I am easing into everything and, this week I was more acclimated to my lifting program and being active the majority of the week. Exercise feels… Continue reading RunVan: week 2


Three Benefits of Winter Running

{55-second read} We talked about winter essentials and, how to survive cold runs but, is there any good to winter runs? I know how grudging it can be to train through the winter months and, I know how intimidating it can be if you have a spring race (especially a marathon or half marathon) to train… Continue reading Three Benefits of Winter Running

Tips for Surviving Winter Runs

{1 minute read} Of course, today has the possibility of being the warmest day in January, here in Pittsburgh. But, the cold front is moving back in, this! With that said, here is a collection of tips that I have learned while braving the cold winter weather in Pennsylvania for the past eight winters: Layers:… Continue reading Tips for Surviving Winter Runs

Injury Prevention How-To

{1 minute & 30-second read} Imagine walking into an interview without researching anything about the company you are meeting with. That's what it would be like to go into a race without doing any injury prevention exercises. Totally unprepared, just hoping to "wing-it". Maybe you have been in this situation before, maybe not. You can pretty… Continue reading Injury Prevention How-To